TenneT — Showroom — Virtual Vision

We were asked to develop a creative showroom concept for a permanent exhibition for TenneTs representation in Berlin. And it led to a new understanding of communication for a Transmission System Operator like TenneT, as it not only showcases their power but creates a vision that can be shared and supported by all stakeholders: TenneT Virtual Vision. It communicates TenneT’s work as a cross-border Transmission System Operator and its frontrunning role within the German energy transition as well as future megatrends and exciting new developments within the world of energy in a new and holistic way.
TVV is TenneT’s communication tool for high-end, innovative and interactive brand and stakeholder communication. The nucleus of TenneT’s Virtual Vision concept: It combines a clear and focused didactic approach, consistent communication design and state-of-the-art technologies to communicate complex matters in clear, understandable and even palpable experiences towards a broad audience of non-experts.
TenneT Virtual Vision Berlin is a three-dimensional manifestation of the Virtual Vision communication concept. The didactics, the scenography and the design of the innovative mixed-reality experiences follow a concrete storyline and show TenneT’s work and its role in the European energy sector alongside society’s wish for the energy transition. For that reason, an abandoned office space of over 260 square metres was completely gutted, redesigned and rebuilt in only 11 months. It uses state-of-the-art-technology to bring highly complex topics to life and to transform complicated and for most people abstract subjects into understandable and even tangible experiences.

The Virtual Vision design finds its way into three-dimensional space to communicate the new approach towards all senses. It literally guides the visitors through the multi-media/mixed reality experiences by providing appropriate surroundings and kind little host called Mr.T – as a mascot and virtual guide with appearances in all different media like VR, Film, Tangible Bar or AR.

State of the art technical outfit:

— Samsung VR Gear
— Motion Graphic Installation
— Audiovisual Infopoints
— Tangible Bar with power line planning game
— Giant 8k seamless video wall with live data stream from control center
— AR with Microsoft HoloLens
— HTC Vive VR interactive experience with motion tracking, sensually enhanced with wind and floor vibration
— 180° movie theatre

Scope of work: communication strategy & idea, creative direction, storyline, content, design, art direction and copy. A cooperation with Die Wegmeister, VR Bits and Atelier Dominique Beolet.