• Golden Gate is the connection between Brand and Retail. Between visionary aims and concrete implementation. We help establish zeitgeist companies and maintain the zeitgeist status of established brands.



  • Scope of work:
    Brand Development / Care / Design / Communication, Product Graphic Design, Promotion Design, Digital, Retail Design, Exhibition and Event.

  • Did you ever wonder why there are a million strategies for market brands or products – portfolio strategies, sales strategies, media strategies, brand strategies – but no one ever asks for a graphic strategy?

  • Because only if you know who you are, you can control what you look like and finally know why you’re attractive – or not.

  • That‘s why Golden Gate pays particular attention to all aspects of brand personality, corporate design and visual appearance. Wherever. Whenever.

  • Whether you‘re in Brand Marketing, aspiring for a stronger retail performance, or in Retail, aspiring for a stronger brand perception: Golden Gate supports you with a focused, synergetic and sustainable approach to your communication process.

  • Golden Gate thinks fivesensual*.
    *the quite useful ability to use not only two but five senses to create consistent brand experiences.

  • Fivesensuality is a rule-changing result of the digital age that leads to a new understanding of real brand experience. Because the more we see and hear online, the more we will appreciate the fivesensual experience of a brand in reality.

  • There’s an intriguing advantage in using more than two senses for your brand communication: three more senses.

  • A clear USP: At Golden Gate, Brand and Retail speak one language and present one face to the customer. For focused efficiency and control from brand image to retail reality.

  • Combine the two often incompatible parameters of Brand-to-Retail experiences in a fresh and zeitgeist way: merge the emotional and content-driven function of a brand with the rational and sales-driven aesthetics of retail.

  • Discover integrated and in-depth expertise from one single source – without overheads.

  • With Golden Gate, your visions push straight through to better sales. No different routes by different suppliers. No change of interest. This is how responsibility comes to life.

News: New Client
MINI signs Golden Gate for global POS Communication.

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Between visionary aims and concrete implementation.